How to Increase Sessions & Page Views On Amazon FBA

The more people that see your product, the more you will sell. On Amazon the number of page views your product gets is called “Sessions”. Below we will cover the best way to get more people looking at your product page.

If your conversion rate is 10% and you double your page views from 1000 views a month to 2000 a month, you will go from selling 100 units a month to 200.  

Tip 1 Markets 

If you only have 100 sessions a month, even if you convert 100% that’s only 100 sales. So boosting sessions is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost net profit and unit sales.

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Amazon FBA Understanding Quotes from Suppliers

So you got your first quote back – but what does it all mean? 

In this article we are going to cover the top things you need to be aware of regarding supplier quotes. 


This is basically the delivery destination included in the price of the product. It could be at the factory – or the factory may deliver all the way to Amazon’s warehouse and cover the duties (DDP). Though this is very rare.

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Outsourcing Your Amazon FBA Work

If you want to grow and scale your business you are going to need some help. It doesn’t have to be expensive to get virtual staff to do some of the main admin tasks. We cover the top 7 tips for outsourcing key tasks related to your Amazon business. 

You can outsource everything from your images, copy, accounting to customer service emails – freeing up your time to grow the business or just have more time for yourself. 

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Top Copywriting Tips for Amazon FBA

When a client lands on your product page – the images and text is what convinces them to buy your product. It is essential to convey the value of the product. In this article we cover the top 7 tips on copywriting for Amazon

Tip 1 Don’t be Too Technical

People want to know the benefits of the product for them.

Have you ever bought a pair of socks because they were 9 mm thick or did you buy them because the packaging told you that they were extra warm?

Try to turn all your major features into day-to-day benefits for your customers. Use language that anyone can understand. 

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Air Freight versus Sea Freight for Amazon FBA

As a general rule, shipping by Sea is slower but cheaper & using Air Freight is faster but much more expensive. That is not always the case though. In this article we cover the Top 7 pros and cons of shipping goods via air or sea freight.

Tip 1 Speed 

If getting products in stock is your number 1 priority then air freight is probably your best option. 

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How to Check Your Competition on Amazon FBA

In this article we are going to cover the top 7 ways for checking how competitive a particular Amazon niche is. 

Tip 1 Hits & Results

Head over to If you search for the item you are hoping to sell on Amazon, on the top left you’ll see the number of “results” for a product.

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Big Mistakes Amazon FBA Sellers Make

In this article we cover the biggest mistakes sellers make doing business on Amazon.

#1 Too Little Effort and Time

Whether you’re starting with $1000 or $100,000, the only way to win is to do everything possible to optimize your products, systems and business. The number one mistake sellers make is not putting enough time and effort into their business.

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How to Sell on Amazon FBA: Writing a Great Description

Descriptions form a key part of your Amazon product listing page. In this article we are going to cover the top 7 tips for writing a great Amazon product description.

Tip 1 Use The Space

The description lets you go into more detail about your product. You can use 1000 or more characters here and fully describe every feature. Not everyone will read your description, but you can be sure that if an interested customer is reading it they’ll want to know more about your product.

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How To Boost Your Amazon Sales

We are going to share our top 5 tips for boosting your sales on Amazon FBA.

#1 PPC

You are probably doing Amazon advertising already. But, most sellers do not optimize the PPC campaigns or use all the strategies available to them. Every sale through PPC boosts your organic ranking for your products leading to more sales. 

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