How to Increase Sessions & Page Views On Amazon FBA

The more people that see your product, the more you will sell. On Amazon the number of page views your product gets is called “Sessions”. Below we will cover the best way to get more people looking at your product page.

If your conversion rate is 10% and you double your page views from 1000 views a month to 2000 a month, you will go from selling 100 units a month to 200.  

Tip 1 Markets 

If you only have 100 sessions a month, even if you convert 100% that’s only 100 sales. So boosting sessions is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost net profit and unit sales.

Think of keywords as markets. One keyword may have 10,000 searches. So if your listing is optimized for five keywords you open yourself up to 50,000 customers a month. You need to add more markets to your product on the front and backend. 

Do detailed keyword research and be creative about what you include in your listing. 

Tip 2 Books & Other Products 

Make a huge list of other similar products your customer might buy. For example, if you’re selling a jump rope for CrossFit, make a list of all the other products someone who does this sport might buy.

What books might they look for on Amazon? What other phrases might they use to search for the same item? Skipping rope, jumping rope – make a list of every potential word and phrase, and use Google keyword tool to download a huge list of other related keywords.

Go through and mark the highly relevant keywords, the relevant keywords and delete keywords that don’t match your market. Put all your highly relevant keywords into your title, listing and search terms.

Another little trick is to save your photos using the main keyword as the name of the image and then upload these to your listing. 

Doing this will expose you to many extra markets. The difference between a little bit of keyword research and a few hours of keyword research can be an extra 100,000 searches a month. 

Tip 3 Pay Per Click 

Once you’ve built your list and optimized your product page, add the huge list of keywords you have created into a new manual campaign.  Remember to go back to your PPC every 2 weeks and optimize the performance. 

To show up for a search term on Amazon Advertising you have to include the word in your listing. That is why checking that all your main keywords are indexed is essentially not only for Organic searches but also for optimizing PPC. 

Tip 4 Price 

One quick and easy way to boost the number of people that click onto your product and increase your sessions is simply to drop your price considerably.

Check out my article on price for different strategies. If your product is new I recommend using a breakeven price with a promotion to get the sales going.  

Tip 5 Cross-Selling 

If you’re selling several similar items you can use this to drive traffic to your other products. Each additional product you launch targeting the same Amazon market brings more traffic to all your related items.

If someone is looking to buy 3 CrossFit items and they come across your skipping rope, they may also decide to click on and buy your massage ball and gymnastics rings. Amazon will also promote your item in the also sold with section of your listing page.

Focusing on a major niche helps you to increase sessions and therefore sales across all your items. You could also include a picture of your other items in your Amazon listing photos. 

Tip 6 Drive Traffic 

Using all the major social media platforms from Facebook to Pinterest you can drive additional traffic and boost sessions.

Set up ads and also post free content to these platforms. They may not do much at first, but after a few months the content you build up can generate significant traffic to your listing.

If there are a hundred thousand searches a month from Amazon and you get 10%, a bonus 10,000 searches a month from off-Amazon marketing can mean you get double the sales of any other competitor.

They may not know where your sales are coming from and will waste time trying to re-optimize their listing to copy yours without doing off-Amazon marketing. 

Tip 7 Quick Recap 

Having a great main image, well written title and a competitive price will attract more people to click on your listing rather than the other search results.

Test different main photos and price points to see what boosts your sessions and conversions. You can do this automatically with CashCowPro software.


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