Outsourcing Your Amazon FBA Work

If you want to grow and scale your business you are going to need some help. It doesn’t have to be expensive to get virtual staff to do some of the main admin tasks. We cover the top 7 tips for outsourcing key tasks related to your Amazon business. 

You can outsource everything from your images, copy, accounting to customer service emails – freeing up your time to grow the business or just have more time for yourself. 

Tip 1 Graphic Designer 

A good designer will help you create your logo, packaging, insert cards and even the images for your listing. What is the difference between a $500 Gucci T-shirt and a $10 Walmart T-Shirt. It’s just the design. A great designer can take your brand to the next level and increase the desire customers have for your products. 

Finding a great graphic designer does not need to be expensive. You can try Fiverr, 99designs or Upwork to find a good one. 

Tip 2 Product Photography 

It’s essential you get professional shots of your products. The main image of the product is the first thing potential customers see. They use the quality of the image to decide if they will be buying your product or not. It is worth spending a few hundred bucks to get a professional photograph to take your product pictures. 

Send final samples to a photographer and then ask them to send these on to your graphic designer who can add some finishing touches.

Search Google for Amazon photo services. There are several available and be sure to choose companies that show you sample work that looks terrific. 

Tip 3 Copywriting 

Professional writing is hard. Hire an expert to take your listing from average to awesome. Once customers land on your product page then the quality of the writing for the 5 bullet points and the description is what is going to determine if they buy or not. 

Make sure you give them a list of your top 10 keywords that they need to include, ask them to use three or four in the title, the rest in the features, and to repeat most of the keywords in the description again. Weaving in keywords while keeping the text flowing is an art.

You can find great writers at Upwork.com.

Tip 4 Upwork.Com

This is my preferred freelancer solution. I always filter freelancers that have had at least 90% + positive feedback and done at least $10,000 of projects on UpWork.


This ensures that they are professional and have enough experience to tackle my tasks. 

When creating a new task make sure you are very specific about what you need, then reach out to the top 20 freelancers in the category with a personal note asking them to bid on your job.  

Tip 5 Freelancer 

Freelancer.com is an alternative website to find designers, photographers and writers. I would recommend you post jobs to both sites to get the best talent at the best price. 

Tip 6 Always Run a Trial 

Before giving a freelancer the full project, always do a smaller trial.

For a writer, this could be asking them to create 3 versions of the title. Trial 2 or 3 of the top candidates, and select the one that gives the best quality at a reasonable price.

That way if something goes wrong and you can’t work with the first freelancer you have backups ready. 

When you read their profile they all might look good. But by doing a small test project you can be sure you find the best value for money and most professional freelancers. 

Tip 7 Search and Invite to your Job 

To get the very best freelancers make sure you search within the platforms and invite them to work for you. I always add a small personal message asking them to bid on my project. Do not invite too many as that will put some of the best freelancers off. 


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  1. Great post, thanks! It came at the right time for me as I’m currently looking at outsourcing my image editing.

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