Top Copywriting Tips for Amazon FBA

When a client lands on your product page – the images and text is what convinces them to buy your product. It is essential to convey the value of the product. In this article we cover the top 7 tips on copywriting for Amazon

Tip 1 Don’t be Too Technical

People want to know the benefits of the product for them.

Have you ever bought a pair of socks because they were 9 mm thick or did you buy them because the packaging told you that they were extra warm?

Try to turn all your major features into day-to-day benefits for your customers. Use language that anyone can understand. 

Tip 2 Specs and Sizes

At the same as not being too technical throughout your copy, in your 5 features you want to use 1 feature to explain the technical aspects of the product.

Customers want to know exactly what they are buying, so you do need to include the technical details of the product as well as what is in the package somewhere on your listing.

You don’t want to use these as selling points, but instead to inform the customer about the product. Use specifications to backup claims made when describing features.

For example, if you are selling an exercise ball and you claim that it’s burst resistant, you could include the fact that it can hold up to 1000 pounds in your title or listing. That way you’re providing the benefit as well as the proof.

Tip 3 Know Your Audience

The key to writing an appealing listing is to know who your audience is and what they are looking for.

The benefits you highlight will differ greatly from market to market.

The best way to find out is to read the top 10 competitor product listings – and look at the features and benefits they highlight. Also check the reviews for all your main competitors products. Customers will tell you exactly what was good and bad about each product and you can use this to pinpoint the benefits they are looking for. 

Tip 4 Find a Unique Selling Proposition

Many products on Amazon look very similar and even come from the same few factories. What makes your item unique? Are there any special features or benefits that make the product stand out?

Focus your listing text around your key benefits and unique features. Try to make your item stand out from the rest. 

Tip 5 Keywords

To rank on Amazon you need to weave in all your top keywords into your title, features and description. 

One really great way to get ideas for the best keywords to include is to take all the relevant keywords that the top 10 products in the niche are doing. Some keywords will come up over and over – make sure you include these. 

Detailed keyword research is essential to success on Amazon.

Tip 6 Be Honest

Customers are constantly bombarded by people claiming that their product solves all the problems of the world for $10.

Instead of over-hyping your product, state who it is good for and who it isn’t suitable for and build some trust with the reader.

For example – if you are selling sports equipment – you could list out all the exercises that the product could be used for – but also point out the limitations of the product too. 

Tip 7 Sense of Urgency

Create a sense of urgency around purchasing your product.

If you have a bundle or are selling a two-pack, you could urge users to buy today while stocks of the two-pack last. It is best to do this at the end of your 5 features and also at the end of the product description. 


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