Sell More By Pleasing Your Customers

The secret to Amazon is not SEO, PPC, magic marketing or some other fancy strategy.

The way to win in the long term is to wow your customers with a great product at a reasonable price.


Read The Reviews

Before even launching your product – after you have selected your niche, check out the top 10 sellers.

Read all the positive and negative reviews on the products. By going through the reviews in detail you will find areas for improvement for the product. By improving the product before ordering it you will prevent issues and bad reviews.

In addition, you will understand why customers select the top selling products and be able to adapt your product to meet the real needs of the market.

100 Suppliers

Don’t just contact 2 or 3 suppliers and get a quote. Reach out to 100 or more manufacturers in your niche.

Why? This way you will find the BEST supplier for your product. By contacting many suppliers you can be sure to find the lowest price and highest quality manufacturer. 

Just because a factory is cheap doesn’t mean it is bad quality. And just because a factory is expensive it does not mean that they have the best product.

Look for the supplier that has the best quality product at a fair price. In the long run, you will make a lot more money back!

Customer Service

If you already invested in making the product better you are going to have far fewer customer issues and returns. In the short run, 1 or 2% less returns might not make a lot of difference, but when you are selling thousands of units this adds up.

Amazon also measures your return % percentage. The sellers that get the Amazon Choice badge usually do so because they have the lowest returns and best feedback rating.

Getting an Amazon Choice badge can lead to hundreds more sales a month and allow you to charge a premium price for your product. You sell more and have a higher profit margin.

Listing Optimization

By doing the extra work upfront, to understand exactly what your customers are looking for – it allows you to create the best listing copy for your product.

If you notice that people buying chopping boards complain that the board is too heavy, you can make a lightweight version & highlight that in the benefits of the product listing. 

This way, you can use the negative reviews of top competitors to optimize your listing speaking in a language that resonates with customers. 

Good copy starts with having a great product. If you oversell a bad product – promising too much in the listing – then you will have higher returns. But if you actually have a high quality product – then the listing text allows you to highlight the benefits and convert more sales.


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