Amazon Launchpad – is it for you?

Amazon Launchpad is a service that Amazon has now been running for a good few years, promoting entrepreneurs and brand owners with unique and innovative products. It’s particularly interested in certified Black-owned businesses, and climate pledge friendly businesses, and it represents a great move up from Kickstarter for businesses that used that site to get their first products launched.

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Amazon Compliance: Don’t Get Banned!

Amazon has been taking product compliance increasingly seriously over the past couple of years. It realizes that one reason many people trust Amazon above, say, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, is that it’s a regulated market – Amazon only allows approved sellers, and actively polices their publicity, pricing, and sales records. Product compliance is another piece of this regulatory jigsaw.

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Help, Supply Chain Issues!

Supply chains all over the world have been disrupted, and it’s costing more to ship products, too. It’s hurt most businesses over the last year, and according to research group IHS Markit, it’s likely to continue this year.

But there are a lot of things you can do to help your business.  So let’s look at ways around the supply chain issue.

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How to keep your shipping costs under control

Shipping costs have been rocketing, and supply chains have been disrupted, as growing demand and increased global trade hits pandemic-created problems of quarantine and workforce absences, as well as, in some places, lack of investment in ports and other infrastructure.

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Top tips to generate new product ideas

Generating new product ideas is something a lot of FBA sellers have problems with. You’ll need to build up a portfolio of different products to have a long-term sustainable business, but it’s not always easy to think what that next product ought to be.

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Treat suppliers right to get the best results

To get the right results out of your suppliers you need to understand a little bit about how foreign culture can differ a little from American ways of doing things.

For instance, Americans like to cut to the chase. Some other cultures, on the other hand, will often prefer to spend a little time getting to know their counterparty before doing business.

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