What to sell on Amazon FBA this summer

Summer is here, or nearly here (depending on how far north you live), and it’s time to look at what products are going to do well this summer.

Bathing suits are already starting to sell, and since for a lot of people this will be their first post-pandemic beach holiday, there are quite a few people looking for something new. There may also be quite a number of people who have put on weight during the pandemic (working from home can be very bad for the waistline) and are looking for a higher waist, for skirted bathing suits, high waisted bikinis, cut-out one-piece swimsuits, or baggy bathing shorts. Pay attention to your long tail keywords!

Don’t forget accessories. Beach towels, mats, parasols, and even beach toys for the kids are all good sellers for the summer season.

The pandemic also put a lot of wedding plans on hold, and so weddings are booming this summer. Whether you are selling wedding stationery, decorations, artificial flowers, gift list items, decorations for wedding cakes, tiaras, or even bridal and bridesmaids’ dresses, this should be a great opportunity for you.

Because wedding plans may have been delayed by up to three years, some people will be looking to spend even more than they might originally have done. That’s an exception to the general slightly downbeat consumer landscape.

Gardens are a big focus for spending. Plants and seeds can be sold on Amazon, though the category is tightly regulated. For the summer season, though, demand is not so much for plants as for garden decorations and seats, and particularly for items that can help customers enjoy the long summer evenings. Garden lighting, solar lamps, inflatable pools, patio chairs, canopies and gazebos, are all great products for this time of year.

Related to the garden, barbecues and barbecue equipment sell well over the summer. You can extend that to barbecue sauces, herbs, and spice rubs, if you sell food items. For keeping drinks cool, coozies, cooler boxes, reusable ice cubes, and champagne or wine buckets, are all good choices for summer products.

Before you decide to source products for the summer season, or to decide how much stock you’ll need, check the search terms and see how many people are looking for the product. Some charts will show a massive spike in searches every June, July and August. Don’t forget the seasonal impact on all-year-round goods – such as barbecue relish, which sells all year but can do particularly well in summer. Or you could re-brand your guest book as a wedding guest book simply by adding a bouquet motif to the front.

Also look at eBay’s trending deals page. That’s a good way of seeing what’s selling right now. Though some things sell better on eBay, and others on Amazon, the big trends are going to be the same.

It’s usually best to avoid purely seasonal products. They can be a nuisance to stock, and if you’re left with inventory at the end of a sales season – for instance, inflatable Santa Clauses you didn’t sell by December 24 – then it will cost you money whether you decide to retire the product or keep it in Amazon’s warehouse till next year. But stocking and marketing your year-round products in a way that maximizes seasonal sales trends is always smart. Don’t forget to promote your products using both Amazon pay per click ads, and social media – and get some good lifestyle photos that show why your products are great summer bargains.


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