Optimizing Amazon Advertising PPC

Amazon Advertising can help you grow your profits & boost your organic rank. Knowing how to properly optimize your PPC can make a huge difference to the overall performance of your business. In this article we cover the top 7 tips on ways to boost your Amazon pay per click results. 

Tip 1 Start with an Auto Campaign 

If you haven’t already done so, set up an automatic pay per click campaign on Amazon. 

Amazon will suggest the best keywords to use for your product. It may surprise you some of the keywords that Amazon recommends for your item.  If you have included the keywords on your listing and back end search terms – Amazon should be able to auto detect these. 

Tip 2 Start Small Bids 

Whether setting up your own campaign or using an automatic Amazon campaign, you should start with a low bid per keyword of $.50.

Every week you will gradually increase this by $.10 each time and monitor the changes to your impressions and conversions. The reason for starting low is because you can get a sale from a $.50 click and the profit will be much higher than if you had to spend three dollars every click.

This will also improve your ACOS. 

Tip 3 Keyword Research 

Make sure you do really detailed keyword research on your competitors using Google keyword tool and using the suggestions from cash cow pro to create a big list of potential keywords to test.

The more work you do on keyword research the better your pay per click results will be. Using your list, set up a manual campaign on Amazon with a low budget of $10 per day and monitor the results. 

Tip 4 Review Weekly 

The best way to guarantee the highest return from your pay per click spend is simply to set aside some time every week to review the results of your campaigns.

For example, every Wednesday morning sit down and check each product’s spend and return. It’s impossible to optimize your listing if you are not regularly reviewing it and making improvements.

By committing the same time each week, you will make gradual improvements that over the course of a few months will have a massive impact on your profitability. 

Tip 5 Take the Best Keywords from the Auto Campaign 

When you review the auto campaign, check which keywords are profitable, where the average ad spend per sale is less than what you get after Amazon takes its cut from the sale. 

For all profitable keywords set up a new manual campaign that contains them. Start with a low bid and gradually increase the bid and budget over time if this campaign stays profitable.

Periodically check your automatic campaign and add additional keywords that are doing well to this new manual best keywords campaign. 

Tip 6 Optimize your Listing 

One of the fastest ways to improve your pay per click campaigns results is to make sure that your listing is fully optimized.

You need to double check that the main photo, the title, the keywords and description are the best they can be. You can automatically test this with cash cow pro software.

Even if you hyper-optimize your pay per click campaign your results will be poor if your listing is bad.

Tip 7 Optimize your Product’s Price 

You need to AB test your product’s price.

Different prices will have different conversion rates and you may be leaving money on the table if your price is slightly too high or too low. Also, people may be taking your ad but are not buying a product because it’s too expensive.

After you have optimized your pay per click campaign, also test different prices. When I doubled the price of one of my items the sales tripled. So cheap isn’t necessarily always good.


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