How to Increase Conversion Rates on Amazon FBA

What are conversion rates? This is simply the percentage of people that buy your product from all the people that visit your product listing?

Why is it so important?

Because doubling your conversion rate can mean you can make double the sales & profits – from the SAME number of customers. 

Great right! So what should you do to improve this key metric? 

Tip 1 Photos 

Your main photo attracts the user to your product page, but it’s having several great high-resolution images showing the benefits of the product that may sell them on your listing.

People judge products with their eyes. Use stock photos, professional photography and creative text to highlight the benefits of your product with images.

For every seller on Amazon the fonts and style of the page are pretty much the same, but the quality of images can vary massively. If you have professional looking pictures of the product in action, this will boost your conversions. 

Tip 2 Price 

If there are several similar products on Amazon, most likely the customer will go for the one which seems the best value.

Often they don’t look past the first few products shown, so if you’re not in the top 10 it might be hard to get any sales. Having a great offering with good reviews and a competitive price can help increase the number of people who look at your product and buy.

Sometimes increasing the price can improve conversions. You don’t know until you test. But we can guarantee you that changing the price will massively affect your conversions.

The secret is to test test test. 

Tip 3 Reviews and Rating 

If products are priced similarly for the Amazon marketplace and they all look the same, customers may choose the one with the most reviews as long as it’s over 4 stars.

Why? Because the reviews act as social proof that this product does what the customer wants. If one product has 1000 4-star reviews and yours only has 50, it’s a safer bet to go for the one with the most reviews.

There are several strategies you can use to increase reviews, one of which is running special promotions using the cash cow pro tool. 

Tip 4 Features 

There are two parts to getting the highest sales on Amazon. The first is to get people onto your listing, and the second is to convert those people that land on your page into buyers.

The title is the honey to attract the bee, but you have to give them multiple reasons to buy your product in the features. Explain clearly what it does, the benefits for the customer and how it solves their need or problem.

Go into detail about the specifications and material so the customer knows exactly what they would be getting by buying your product. 

Tip 5 Description 

The description is an additional chance to highlight what is unique about your product and offering.

Use as many characters as you need to fully explain every feature, benefit and reason why they should buy your product today. Use HTML to bold key points, and use caps to highlight key benefits.

Make sure to include a call to action both at the end of your features and at the end of your description, prompting the user to add to cart and buy now. 

Tip 6 Bundle 

What may swing a customer from a potential buyer to ordering your item is to bundle up so they get great value.

You can consider adding 2 bonus items to make the offer more compelling. Describe these in your features and in your description, and show the extra benefits in your photos. 

Tip 7 Product Development 

If everyone has similar listings, it can be hard to stand out.

Spend an extra week or two developing the item so that it has some additional great feature no one else is promoting. This can massively increase your conversions.

If a customer looks at four similar Amazon products but yours is the only one that includes that extra something, they are more likely to buy your item. For example, if you are selling a chopping board and you include a free knife sharpener, this may swing more buyers to you.

That’s why it’s crucial to do extra research before ordering your item to offer the best value possible.


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