How To Improve Your Amazon Product

From when you first launched your product until now – there has been a lot of change in the market.

Also, if you are not 100% 5 star reviewed then it means that there is still room for improvement. You can make your product better anytime. 

In this article, we will cover our top tips for improving the quality of your products in the Amazon marketplace. 

Go Shopping 

Maybe you launched a month ago, a year ago or longer. But new competitors have entered the market. Check out competitors’ products on Amazon and also visit some retail shops to look at other brands’ products.  

Check out the materials, features and styles they offer. You can also take note of how they package the items.

This will give you some ideas for making your own item better. Maybe your competitor is using higher quality materials than you. Or their packaging makes the product stand out more on Amazon. Take the time to review them each in depth and take the best ideas for your own listing. 

Review the Reviews 

Review the 1-, 2- and 3-star reviews on Amazon of your top 10 competitors.

Look for any potential quality issues that come up over and over. When you’re developing your item, make sure that you prevent these issues from occurring. 

Read your own reviews. What are your customers saying about your item? What issues come up over and over again. Just because you have already launched doesn’t mean you cannot go back and improve the product. 

Check Different Materials 

The same product can be made with thousands of different materials and with many different finishes.

Get samples of the different materials available from your factory. Even a product made of silicon can have many different finishes, and the quality can be greatly affected by the amount of silicon used to make it.  

Is there a thicker, more durable material you can use? There is nothing wrong with upgrading this on future orders. It may lead to less negative reviews and more positive reviews also. 

Ask the Factory 

Your supplier is an expert on your product. They have probably made thousands of variations of the same item.

Ask your supplier for tips on reducing the cost of the product and improving the quality of the product.Ask them what previous customers have done in the past to make the item better. 

You should be able to get some insights as to how to improve the overall quality of the product. 

Add a Logo 

Maybe when you first started out, you didn’t add your logo to the item itself, but just on the packaging. 

Always add your logo to the product, either directly onto it or by including an insert card or packaging with your branding.

If you can, brand the product directly as this will make it more unique. And your customers will be reminded of you every time they use your item. 

Add Packaging 

Spending $.50 on a printed paper carton can greatly improve the perceived value of your product. It can make the item feel $5 or $10 more expensive.

To start with, go for a white paper carton with your brand and product information printed on the outside.

Make sure the factory doesn’t use recycled paper and that the inside of the carton is also white, as sometimes they use grey paper on the inside which looks horrible. 

Bundle the Item 

You can also increase the perceived value of your product by bundling a cheap gift with it that matches the product. For example, if you are selling a jump rope, adding a replacement rope or a small gift bag to hold the product will make it feel more premium.

You can use this to help resolve any issues that come up in your reviews. If one part breaks sometimes – why not include a free replacement with the product.


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