How To Brand Your Amazon FBA Product: Logo Types

Branding your product is super important. What is the difference between a $500 Gucci T-Shirt and a $5 Walmart T-Shirt? The material is mostly the same – the main thing that differentiates the two products is the BRAND behind the product.

For your Amazon products you should be thinking long term and make products that customers want to recommend to their friends and buy more of. 

The simplest way to start building your brand is to simply add your logo to your custom product. In this article we cover some of the ways you can add your logo or brand to your product. 


This is a type of printing which is an extremely cheap way to add your logo to a product. It’s basically a painted on logo using a film or screen. 

It may cost between 2 and 10 cents to add your branding. Silkscreen printing works best with one color. You can have multiple colors but it costs more and it’s harder to control the quality.

This works best for simple materials like wood or metal or even fabric. 

Stitched on Label 

For fabric items, the easiest and most professional looking branding is to add a stitched-in label that has a logo on it.

This can cost between 2 and 10 cents.  Adding a stitched on logo makes your product look more premium and increases the value of the product in your customer’s mind. 

Laser Etching 

Metal items with a nice flat surface can be etched using a laser.

As this is usually done by machine, it’s easier to control the quality than it is with hand applied logos like silkscreen or a label. This works really well for hardware products or products in the Home & Garden category. 

Hang Tag 

A hang tag or printed paper label attached with a string to your product can also add perceived value and be a great way to brand an item.

These are commonly used on clothes, but you could use them for any fabric items with a label also. You could even use a hanging tag with non-fabric items – and attach it to the product or packaging. 

Look at the luxury brand shops next time you are out shopping. Nearly all high end brands use hang tags with custom designs to make the product feel more valuable. 

Insert Card 

This is probably the simplest way to brand your product. It is also very impactful. Instead of adding your logo onto a product, you could just add a printed card that has a logo on the front and instructions on the back.

Include the insert card with the product in the polybag or gift carton. 

A strategy many sellers use is to ask for a review on an insert card. Amazon’s review rules are very strict – so be sure to check the latest guidelines before doing this. At the moment, simply asking for a review (not a positive review) is well within Amazon guidelines – and having the insert card could double or triple how many reviews you get. 

Gift Box 

As well as an insert card, another great way to brand your product without having to add the logo to the product itself is to put your product in custom packaging. 

The most professional way to customize your product would be to pack the item in a paper carton that has a logo printed on the front and product details on the back and sides of the box.

These will cost between 15 and 50 cents. A simple white box made with a high quality paper will boost the perceived value of your product. 

In Tooling 

If you test the product and it sells well, you could consider adding your logo directly onto the product itself.

This is usually more expensive as you are adding the logo to the tooling, which can cost several thousand dollars. 

Basically the logo is adding into the mold or shape of the product itself. Usually only the biggest brands do this. 


It may sound simplistic – but simply having your logo on your product or packaging immediately adds value in the customers mind. Your item goes from being just another product to a branded item. 


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