How To Boost Your Amazon Sales

We are going to share our top 5 tips for boosting your sales on Amazon FBA.

#1 PPC

You are probably doing Amazon advertising already. But, most sellers do not optimize the PPC campaigns or use all the strategies available to them. Every sale through PPC boosts your organic ranking for your products leading to more sales. 

The best strategy is to optimize your Amazon PPC every 2 weeks. Add extra keywords to your listing & campaigns, remove bad performing keywords and boost your budget for keywords that are doing well.

There are also advanced strategies you can use to further improve your PPC including negative phrases, targeting competitor ASINs and more. It’s impossible to have the perfect advertising set up – but regular improvements can boost your sales and profits over the long run. 

#2 Promotions

Building a list of potential customers is hard – but there are existing platforms that help you get in front of millions of shoppers instantly. AMZ Tracker offers the best way to boost your sales with promotions via the VIPON platform – which has millions of people looking for deals on Amazon.

Selling at a promotional price can still be profitable. Also, it is worth listing products on VIPON because these are extra sales that you would not have got otherwise.

There is an additional benefit too. Every sale will boost your rank versus your competitors, over time, running promotional sales will lead to more organic sales.

#3 Add Products

Sometimes you try every strategy possible and it is still hard to boost the sales and performance of your Amazon product. If that’s you, then why not try adding new items to your range. Head over to Unicorn Smasher and research products with higher sales volume and low to medium competition. 

Adding a few new products could add $20,000 to $100,000 or more to your monthly sales. Expand your business in your existing marketplace by widening your product range. You don’t have to sell the same types of items you are selling. Look for new niches that have higher potential then your existing product. 

#4 Influencers

It is hard to reach influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers. But there are thousands of influencers with 10,000 to 50,000 followers in your niche. They tend to be easier to reach, they expect less payment for posting about your product and usually they are more keen to share new items with their audience. 

If 10 influencers with 25,000 followers each promote your product – then you get to reach an extra 250,000 potential customers. It doesn’t have to cost you much. You could offer a free product and a $50 amazon gift card to influencers who would be willing to post about your product. 

#5 Overseas

If you are selling in Amazon Europe – you could expand to Amazon USA. If you are selling in the USA – you can add your products to Canada and also Europe too. Amazon is growing at 20% to 30% in different markets around the world. With no extra product development – you could launch in these extra markets and increase your sales almost overnight. 

A huge benefit for international sellers is that Amazon is sharing the reviews across marketplaces for the same SKU. If you have some reviews already in the USA – when you launch your product in Europe, Amazon will show those reviews too. This makes expansion easier than it used to be. 


There are dozens of ways to increase your sales. Try 1 strategy at a time and focus on that until you get the result you are looking for. If you try each of these tips above you are almost guaranteed to add 10% to 100% to your sales and profits in the coming months. 


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