Help your customers pamper themselves

Although the pandemic is certainly not over, we seem to have entered a new phase, with many people vaccinated and boosted, and life is becoming a bit more “normal” day by day. Emotionally, 2020-2021 were years of fear and grief when people turned in on themselves and wanted a safe cocoon. Now, people are beginning to want to pamper themselves; they’re starting to travel again, and they want to buy products that will help them get the most out of life.

Yes, travel is back. You might not be a travel agent, but travel-related goods should sell well on Amazon this year. For instance, clothing for travel, backpacks and other luggage, camping and hiking gear, should all do well. On the electronics side, power banks, chargers, adapters are all going to be things people will need.

People will also be doing more socializing. Barbecue stuff, paper napkins, party games, invitation stationery – anything to do with holding any kind of social event is going to sell.

And lots of people will be heading back to the office as well. So whether it’s stunning evening wear or a new suit, many of them will be buying some new clothes as it’s goodbye to pajamas and teleworking.

A lot of people have put on weight while they stayed at home, so stock up on plus sizes, and adjustable clothing such as drawstring pants or kaftans. Many people who’ve spent months in their pajamas or sports gear will also want to buy something that will make them feel they’re making a break with that lifestyle. Our best guess is that accessories and jewelry will fulfill that need for many people, as well – a new man-bag or a new necklace, or new shoes, for instance.

Some trends that are already in place will continue, but with a twist. So for instance 2021 saw a lot of customers buying beauty and wellness products. We expect that to continue in 2022, but with a twist on enjoyment and pampering. So bath oils, all kinds of spa treatments, aromatherapy, manicures, facial mud packs, new moisturizers – anything that feels a bit more of a treat than just regular skincare or beauty will be a top seller. Yoga mats? Still going to sell, we think.

Another trend that’s likely to continue is that towards brightening up the home and making it a more livable and workable space. Some people have already moved home to get more inside and outside space, or built a home office in the garden, so this year will see them settling in and buying new stuff. Those who haven’t moved will want to make it feel like they have, so they’ll be buying new stuff too.

All kinds of decor, home and garden, and kitchen items should benefit, but we think there are three keywords that are going to resonate – “luxury”, “space”, and “bright”. People want a pick-me-up, and they want to feel as if their home just opened up.

However, there’s one other product that we think will do well this year. People want to go out more, whether that’s traveling or just attending a concert or art gallery or football game – but they want to do so safely. A lot of people say they’ll feel safer at an event if there’s a mask mandate in place, or if proof of a negative COVID-19 test has to be handed in. So we would bet on masks continuing to be a hot-selling item, particularly FFP2, N95, and KN95 standard masks.

All the best for 2022. Let’s hope that this pandemic is over soon!


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