Building a $1 Million Amazon Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Venturing into the Amazon FBA business? Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned seller, scaling your business to the million-dollar mark is an achievable goal. This guide outlines the crucial stages to build your multimillion-dollar Amazon business.

Stage 1:

Test Your journey begins with a small test to understand the process of creating high-converting products on Amazon. Start with the hundred unit test – purchase 100 units of a chosen item from sites like Alibaba or Aliexpress and list it on Amazon. This initial stage is about learning, not profit. Optimize your listing and try to sell all units to gather invaluable insights.

Stage 2:

1 Product Armed with knowledge from your test, compile a list of potential products but only commit after completing the hundred unit test. The objective for your first product is to achieve 10 daily sales with a 100% markup after Amazon fees. Consistently optimize your listing and ramp up off-Amazon marketing until you reach your goal.

Stage 3:

3 Products After achieving success with one product, replicate the process with two more products to reach a monthly profit of $9000. At this stage, focus on improving listings and enhancing marketing efforts to generate a yearly profit of at least $100,000.

Stages 4 & 5:

5 Products then 10 Products Now that you’ve mastered the art of making 3 products successful, scale up to 5, then 10 products over the next 6 to 12 months. This diversifies your business, safeguarding it against sudden market changes. Additionally, strategies that boost one product can be applied across your product range, maximizing overall profits.

Stage 6:

E-commerce Shop With 10 successful products on Amazon, shift your focus to driving traffic to your own e-commerce store. While the return on time and effort is higher on Amazon, having your own shop diversifies your income streams and can potentially match or exceed your Amazon profits.

Stage 7:

Expansion Having built a solid foundation with your Amazon business and e-commerce shop, you are now poised for further expansion, both on and off Amazon. The key is to stay focused on the bigger picture: solid profits that grow and improve your business.


Building a $1 million Amazon business is a journey that involves strategic scaling and diversification. By staying focused, continuously improving your offerings, and diversifying your income streams, you can build a resilient and profitable business that stands the test of time.


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