Amazon FBA: Grow By Doing Less

Trying to be the best at everything is hard. Maybe you are good at marketing but have no experience sourcing products. Or maybe you are great with numbers but not good at copywriting.

Leveraging professional freelancers frees up your time but also makes your business better. Why? Because each key area is handled by an expert in that field.


Your main image and the product listing images are probably the most important aspect of whether or not your product will attract a buyer to click on your item. 

Unless you are a professional photographer it is better to get a top pro to help you with your images.

Imagine if you are selling $5000 a month and better images help you boost sales by 50%. That’s $2500 extra a month in sales. Great product photos might only cost $300 – so the return on money can be huge. 

Amazon is becoming more and more competitive so the better listings will attract more customers and average looking listings will fall behind. 

Professional images are definitely something you should consider outsourcing! 


The next most important conversion factor for your listing is the title and copy on your product page. The title together with the main image attracts people to click on your product. 

The main copy, features, benefits of the product then help to convince people that your product does what they are looking for. 

What if you sent a message saying “I hate you” to your best friend. How about if you said “I am looking forward to catching up next week”! The two different messages will get 2 very different reactions. It is the same with sales copy. The same product can sell a lot more with professional copy.

It can take years to learn how to write in a way that creates desire and an emotional bond with a customer. A small investment into a copywriter could pay back big yields if it increases your conversion.


The single most time consuming part of the Amazon business is deciding what product to sell and actually finding a supplier for that product.

Are you an expert in international trade? Have you developed multiple products before? If not, you could prevent costly mistakes and save money by working with a professional.

Many trading companies work on a % of the order value. So you do not need to spend money upfront to find your product but pay a little extra when you order it.

But guess what. A truly great agent will find the product for less than you could have bought it for, so even with their % fees you end up spending less. 


I do not know anyone that loves entering all of their expenses into accounting software. It is a tedious and time consuming tax. But it is also a legal and business requirement to keep accurate books.

One of the biggest time savers is to hire a bookkeeper to handle your accounting for you. This will free up your time and also have someone else help to double check your income and expenses are ok.


The goal with hiring freelancers is to save your time & also have professionals complete tasks so that it boosts your profit. In the short term it looks like a cost but in the long term, it adds huge value to your business. 


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